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Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast

Daily Episodes covering soccer in America from youth to professional.

Dec 11, 2020

Many Families, who can afford it, are relocating so their kids can play sports in locations with less restrictive as California.

0:00 INTRO
0:43 Politicians are morons
2:00 49ers relocated to AZ
3:38 Californians don't California AZ, Texas, Idaho etc..
5:01 Phoenix is shutting down parks until February 2021
6:50 I have COVID-19 and tested 3 times as a POSITIVE
7:55 There is no reason we should jail our kids for a full year
9:22 California banned out of state travel for youth sports
10:37 Returning to California with mandatory quarantine
11:23 Only the Rich are not falling behind. The poor are getting destroyed
12:16 Is there no other way to deal with COVID-19?
12:51 Do not bring your California Politics to AZ!!!!
13:49 The appearance of safety


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