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Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast

Daily Episodes covering soccer in America from youth to professional.

Dec 29, 2021


In this clip, coach cameron talks to Arizona Legend Roberto Beall on the one time he played against Brazilian sensation Dunga in an exhibition game.
Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, known as Dunga, is a Brazilian football manager and former professional player who played as a defensive...

Dec 28, 2021

#richardsimmons #soccer #coach

Are you the richard simmons to coaching youth soccer.  Do you feel that you have to choreograph every movement?  

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Dec 23, 2021

#youthsoccer #coach

In a recent podcast with Roberto Beall, we talked about the coaching that goes on when nothing is said at all.  

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Dec 13, 2021


An Epsom man has been arraigned on charges of possessing child sexual abuse images. Concerns were raised in court on Wednesday about how that man is involved in youth sports coaching and training.

The investigation began in early June. A search warrant was executed at the...