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Coach Cameron Soccer Podcast

Daily Episodes covering soccer in America from youth to professional.

Feb 25, 2020

EP 249 Concussion-related headaches Researchers uncover potential new therapy for concussion related headaches I'm so grateful for scientist they have the salt for us so they are now looking at what was just read it that scientists investigated whether a drug that block acceptance elevated in migraine patients I can't read this but it Calcutta gene-related peptide or CGRP would Elevate the headache pain by modeling concussions in mice and testing post-injury pain sensitivity so well that's good that they're taking my son are taken basically a sledgehammer and rack of that for Mouse in the head and then they're assessing it and see if the pain is reduced through their new drug therapy yeah so that there's a picture of a girl from FC Tucson who suffered a concussion and call it soccer who has now developed debilitating headaches but because of new research there might be able to help it heal faster.